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Boston Textbooks

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UPDATE 12/18: An efficient, fast and non-lj public forum is in the works to create a larger pool of people (and presumably, textbooks) and there will be no fees or any crap in order to join. Stay tuned!

Hi =]

This is a community for college students in the Boston area where students can seek or sell their textbooks (and possibly get some more money than you would from the buyback thing at your school's bookstore =/ )

Once a textbook has been sold, it would be really nice (and save you a lot of inquiries) if you edited the post with a message that it's gone.

Feel free to plug any other textbook or school related things, but if it's long PLEASE put it under an lj-cut.

I started this community because I didn't see one already, so hopefully this can help a few students out.

Thank you for joining/posting/reading, etc. Good luck!

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