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About WOW, tons of books for sale, make offer...

Previous Entry WOW, tons of books for sale, make offer... Apr. 10th, 2005 @ 01:51 pm Next Entry
All of these listings are listed on "buy it now/ make best offer" format. Not sure if I
will continue with this, I want to see how it works out.

Here is my ebay link.


if for some reason the link doesn't work, my user id is buy_my_past

I have about 30 new books listed on ebay, and am trying to get at least 30 or 40
more listed this week. Most of these books are spirituality, multi-cultural books,
religions, many, many Christian studies. philosophy, etc. may more coming though.
will also be listing some vintage purses and collectibles.
Please come and take a look. I need to get rid of almost everything in my posession
for financial and health reasons, and moving too. I am trying to keep prices low,
competitive, and to not lose money on the listings... i really dislike it when
someone lists something for a buck, but then shipping is huge!

Thanks for looking

4542240718 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 18:38:23 $9.99
Practicing Our Faith (1998) Available
4542242095 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 18:47:00 $8.99
Encountering God by Diana L. Eck (1994) Available
4542245349 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 19:03:20 $4.99
The Way of the Storyteller by Ruth Sawyer (1977)
4542246515 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 19:09:50 $9.99
Storytelling by William J. Bausch (1984) Available
4542248260 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 19:20:44 $9.99
Scripture Windows by Peter Pitzele (1998) Available
4542251162 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 19:35:58 $4.99
Dancing for Joy by Murray Silberling (1995) Available
4542254069 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 19:50:33 $7.99
4542254946 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 19:55:22 $4.99
A Passion for the Possible by Jean Houston (1998)
4542255788 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 20:01:00 $6.00
A Mythic Life by Jean Houston (1997) Available
4542256885 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 20:08:30 $11.99
Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey (1998)
4542258142 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 20:16:56 $7.99
Retreat ...great book!!! Available
4542260274 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 20:31:33 $9.99
Praying Twice by Brian A. Wren, Brian Wren (2000)
4542263241 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 20:52:02 $5.99
Habits of the Heart by Ann Swidler, Richard Madsen, ...
4542265526 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 21:12:00 $7.99
Introduction to Christian Worship by James F. White ...
4542266939 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 21:25:22 $7.99
Contemporary Images of Christian Ministry by Donald ...
4542269594 Apr-08-05 Apr-15-05 21:50:11 $5.50
Becoming a New Church by Malcolm L. Warford (2000)
4542330100 Apr-09-05 Apr-16-05 08:31:06 $4.99
A Practical Companion to Ethics by Anthony Weston (2...
4542332836 Apr-09-05 Apr-16-05 08:44:39 $8.99
Dismantling Privilege by Mary E. Hobgood (2000)
4542335915 Apr-09-05 Apr-16-05 09:01:23 $5.99
Don't Believe the Hype by Farai Chideya (1995) Available
4542337882 Apr-09-05 Apr-16-05 09:13:44 $7.99
Deliver Us from Evil by James Newton Poling (1996)
4542434293 Apr-09-05 Apr-16-05 18:57:56 $6.00
Religions in Practice by John R. Bowen, John Richard...
4542436844 Apr-09-05 Apr-16-05 19:10:43 $12.99
A Companion to Ethics (1993) Available
4542440183 Apr-09-05 Apr-16-05 19:28:02 $7.99
Making Room at the Table (2000) Available
4542442874 Apr-09-05 Apr-16-05 19:44:15 $9.99
Violence Unveiled by Gil Bailie (1997) Available
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